Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes People Just Misunderstand

I was sick since Tuesday so I skipped class on Wednesday evening. Thankfully it was just one class and I had the strength to wake up and go to the one on Thursday. What's better is Friday was public holiday :) . My fever didn't do me any mercy and my nose was literally killing me.

Anyway, on Friday I had a sisters outing day with my two gorgeous sisters, and we went for a movie! Cartoon, and in 3D! Don't blame us, we were practically raised by disney! LoL. But there were many adults too in the cinema :) hehe.

Megamind is an awesome movie! Its about a villain and a good guy.

However, the ending was not as expected in the beginning, nothing was! It was an awesome twist in the story that no one expected! Huhu..

So what have I learn from this movie (cartoons will usually have more values to learn from as it is a great form of teaching)

1. Sometimes you just be who other people want you to be, without realizing who you really are inside
2. 'Follow the flow' does not really apply in life, you have to fight for the things you love
3. Don't bully kids in school! They don't know anything.
4. If you are a big bully, maybe its time to start looking for those who were bullied by you and start apologizing! Yes!
5. Sometimes friends make you realize things you never realized before, and turn you into someone you'd never expect to be.

Anyway, I suggest that it is a MUST for everyone to watch this movie! Its cute and has its own moral values. I love it! And we were laughing the whole time till I got dyspneoa due to the cold and unresolved flu.

And yes, as expected I came home with a high grade fever. Great. Sigh. I really hope to get well by Monday. Its okay to be sick during holidays, despite the fact that I'd be home all day. But I am enjoying all the rest and attention, so yea :) haha

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