Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love The Way You Lie

Everyone lies. Its only a matter of how big or how small the lie can be, or will it hurt another or only hurt oneself. People lie for various reasons, be it selfish, personal or for the benefit of others. They lie for a reason, a purpose only known deep down in their hearts.

Sometimes people find reasons to lie, and sometimes people lie for a reason. Is lying acceptable?

Most of us don't realize that when we lie it is because we want to escape something and not face the consequences. But why must we lie? And why must people lie to us?

First, we lie to avoid. Avoid anything, anyone, everything. It is easier to keep things a secret rather than to put it in public. We worry about people's perspective about the truth, and if the truth might hurt someone we care.

Second, people lie to us because who we are. They know, or assume we can't take the truth. So lying will keep us feel like nothing is happening and that everything is perfect. People lie to us to make us feel better when things are not right.

Do we have the right to call someone a liar?

Perhaps. Maybe.

We can say to someone who lied to us "why didn't you tell me the truth? I would have forgave you" or "You should have told me earlier, now it can't be fix anymore." Right, as if we would know for sure how we would feel even if we tell the truth from the beginning.

We blame people for not telling us the truth, claiming that we are able to handle it. Doesn't it seem like we are just in denial. Not trying to find fault in ourselves and point fingers at everyone else. It is easier that way, the guilt and the sorrow doesn't last that long when we turn it into hatred and despise.

Sometimes we do have to look deep into ourselves and try to imagine if we have the power to turn back time, would we really be okay if the truth was told and not the lie? Like really?

I don't know the actual reason people lie. There are millions. But I do know that people lie, to save themselves, and also another. Most of us aren't that selfish. Some lie in the name of love. Nothing's fair in love and war. So I guess we shouldn't judge.

But we should also keep lying to a minimum, as trust is hard to gain.

And we need to reflect ourselves if we've been lied too. Maybe we wouldn't take it that well after all.


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