Wednesday, November 10, 2010

His Tears

Last week's episode of Vampire Diaries was an uproar!!! I love every second of it! Haha. It was exciting.

Yes, I am a person who easily gets touched by simple gestures, be it an effortless drawing by a small kid, a bunch of roses by someone special, movies, songs, pictures, memories, you name it.

But the ultimate is when a guy cries while looking in your eyes!

And Damon did it. *falls in love!*

It was so charming, the way he looked into Elena's eyes and told her that he loved her, and those words. *faints!*

"I need to say it once. You need to hear it. I love you, Elena."

"God, I wish you won't have to forget this, but you do" - compels Elena with tears in his unblinking eyes and leaves.

Isn't it easy if you can make someone forget all the pain so fast, as if it never happened? I wish it would be easier to erase memories and feelings, just like that.

I wish.

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