Monday, November 8, 2010


70 feet of long magical golden hair?

At first thought, it could be quite a hassle. Even with my not-so-long hair I'm spending a lot to keep it maintained, what more with 70 feet!

When I was younger, I used to have these fine curls in my hair, yet I despise them. It was so hard to keep them together and I was teased as the doll of the class. My classmates wanted to turn a key and make me dance.

I've had different hairstyles before. Name it. Bob cut, trimming, straight cut. I've done it all!!!! I've had fringes like those china-dolls, and even a boy cut!

Then I discovered the beauty of rebonding, and I've been doing that ever since.

But I miss the curls in my hair, so I curled them, again! And I think that made it!
My curly hair!!!

I've always wanted long princess-like hair. I know it looks pretty on dolls, but what can I do, I love it!!

I think Barbie has perfect hair and I have always wanted her hair!!!!!

70feet of hair would definitely make my way into the world's record and I would definitely be famous!!

Magic hair, I would want to explore the magic that is has, maybe cutting it into pieces can turn it into gold? So I would donate a few stands of my hair to those in need, like Robin Hood!

I love Aurora's hair, Sleeping Beauty. Long, wavy and gold! Exactly what her fairy godmother wished for.

But it doesn't matter how your hair is like, what matters is how you feel about it. As long as you're happy and content, nothing matters =)

Me and Kakak, loving our hair =)

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good luck, hope that we'll get those magical tickets hehehe...