Friday, November 19, 2010

In The Name Of Fashion

Hey everyone! I'm introducing you to the latest collection of fashion in town, launched on the 16th of November 2010!!!

The big boss of this whole production was my senior back in high school, Miss Vivy Yusof. I knew her as she was part of the debate team, the same sports house and we apparently stay in the same block. *yes, those days*

She is a total genius, and her sense of fashion is fantastic. You would want to check out what she thinks about outfits and movies and food!!!!

She has this awesome blog

where she shares everything about her career, life, love and family. And this blog has been listed in the top 10 bloggers for FACES Magazine November issue. Congrats doll!!!! It is no wonder why people crave for her writing. =) Ps: Opah is super cute!!

I am really happy for her, a businesswoman definitely and a millionaire in the making!!! Yet still humble and abides to the laws of religion and culture. I wish her well in her dreams that are on the way to come true.

Who says you can only dream while you're sleeping?

Lets support her, shall we!!! brings you various fashions from ready-to-wear outfits to accessories and handbags. Nothing that a girl can live without. And it gives you the convenient to order while you laze around in bed all day. No need of the hurried make up and the dilemma of which outfit to wear. Choose it immediately at the tip of your finger. Perfecto!~

So ladies, take off your clothes and take out your credit card!

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