Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Faith, Devotion and Undying Love

I was walking Pink to the library when she suddenly asked, "Nana, would you want a free movie ticket to watch the preview of a new movie?" Pink, honestly, you should have stopped at the word "Free". Haha.

Pink was lucky enough to be at CIMB Bank Dengkil during one lunch hour and won two free tickets to watch the preview of a movie in Midvalley - Hachiko. It was on the 2nd of November, a Tuesday. I immediately agreed =)

Arriving home from the community clinic at about 6 on that Tuesday afternoon, I quickly changed and got ready. After prayers, Pink came over and we were off to watch our 'free movie'. We were giggling all the way, since it was a school night and all. Excited, of course! Haha. Wafaa and Bee was supposed to come with us but due to unfortunate events they can't make it. So it was a night for two.

We arrived MidV at about 8 and immediately collect our tickets! =)

Pink was full after having ?fried bananas? for tea so I decided to have a decent burger for dinner.

9pm, we stepped into the cinema hall.

Hachiko is based on a true story of a loyal dog who awaits for the return of his master every single day for nine years, till he finally passed on. I've heard about this story before, but I can't remember the whole detail.

It was an amazingly touching story, a story that ca make you cry buckets of tears. Trust me, I have my fair share. It shows how love can be shared between man and animals. Hachiko did not know that his master had passed away, so he waited for him to come back at the railway station every single day. It was heartbreaking, but according to stories, he was helped by many who passed by.

Nine years! Can you imagine that??

What was Hachiko thinking, what did he felt? Its so hard to interpret. He can't voice out his sadness, his longing to see the person who raised him. Worst, he can't understand why he hasn't come back! *cry*sobs*cry*

In Japan, there is a bronze statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station. Rumour has it that Hachiko was present during its unveiling. How sweet!

Dogs are so cute!!!! I want one! I remember when I was small all my friends had dogs and mummy had to buy me a dog-soft-toy so that I wont be sad. Heeeee =)

This is a really good movie, just remember to bring a box of tissue along. =)

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