Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day Trip Home

I went back to Kelantan for one night to celebrate Eid with my whole family. Celebrating Eid together is a big deal for my family, especially when my parents came back all the way from Dubai just to be with us. It felt good to be able to gather as a big family. Even my uncle and his family was back, and it was a complete fullhouse on Wednesday.

Aidiladha celebration is about sacrifices. You know the story right? I mean all those muslims out there! For heavens sake, read about our religion history more than those online gossips will you?

Every day life demands us to be more rigid and more independent. If you don't think for yourself and make decisions wisely, life will just pass you by. Sacrifices are part of life. You have to be blunt and work with it.

Anyway, I received great news from London. Looks like my application has been approved and I'll be going there soon! Can't wait to see Sara and baby Mika :)

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