Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its Highschool All Over Again

Wafaa was literally nagging me to watch this movie at the cinema. I don't have any companion to watch it anyway, everyone has their own plans. So I had to postpone till I finally had the time to watch it.

You Again, was basically a very light and hilarious movie I would say. Sometimes I would bumped into someone at the shopping mall and quietly in my heart say, "Oh, its you again!" It doesn't mean that I am not happy seeing that person, the person simply takes me for surprise =)

This movie is about Marni, a grown up lady who had face the most worst phase of life during her high school years. Not only that she was called MOO *her name is Marni Olivia Olsen* she was bullied and looked down by everyone around her.

Her big brother on the other hand was the it guy, the basketball player, every girl's dream =) *gleaming eyes*. He told her not to be dictated to be whoever, but strive to change and become someone new.

But Marni's nightmare starts once more when her brother decided to marry her one and only, sole enemy, JJ, the it girl from high school that practically made her life a living hell. At first she was convinced that JJ has forgotten about her, but then she realized that JJ was only pretending and she wanted to show her brother who JJ really was!!

A lot of other things happen along the way which were funny and you feel like jumping off the chair!!

In the end, JJ apologized for all the bad things that she has done, and she regrets everything in the past. They had a wonderful wedding and the whole family was happy.

This movie has a lot of values!!!

  • don't make other people's life a living hell just because you think you're so good, you might just regret it one day
  • if you really feel bad about what you did, apologize. Its better than doing nothing
  • forgiving is the easiest way

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