Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love Me If You Dare

Game or not??

I went over to Pink's a few days ago to collect some series and movies that she think I would like. One of them was this french movie, but due to the fever, I did not immediately watch it. Last night, being super bored, adik and I decided to watch a movie.

This movie is a sweet movie about two friends who literally grew up together playing the game of dare. The prize was a round shaped tin which had a picture of a carousel with all the horses and the wonderful colours. The boy's mom died of cancer, and the girl was living in a poor condition. Together, they made life livable and they survived the odds together.

Wouldn't it be weird if life was really just a game, and to win it, we have to hurt and be hurt again and again. Sometimes we just don't get the rules, we cross lines. For some, it is easy to jump back, and there are those who would just be swayed away with what's across that line.

Can a girl be a boy's bestfriend? I say yes, though many may object me. I have a lot of guy friends who end up just being friends with me. And I have one who goes a long way back, a critic in my life, and someone who would stand up for me to protect me. I know he'll do anything to keep me safe though his words don't usually say so. Cynical, yes. But he's so far, and I feel so lost not being able to call my bestfriend when I need him the most. Oh, if you're reading this, don't blush okay! I know I said I'll be fine without you here, but I guess I still need you, just like when I needed back then when we were 17 and I got my heart broken. This is a friendship I know will last. See, you can be bestfriends. Please come home soon!

I would love to bring out that little girl in me once more, to be able to do things and just cry when I feel like it. I miss my other bestfriends who are some working and some studying far far away. I just miss laughing on the bed in our pjs and talk about school, teachers and people we love.

The movie was cute, but in the end you'd have to realize that no everything in life is a game, nor could it be a dare. It is written, and once you chose it, you can never turn back. If life is just a game, then who's counting?

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