Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'll be leaving to Melaka with Aween. She's not coming back today, so neither am I, since I will have to sleep there alone. No freaking way! Huuuuu. So I guess I would watch AJL2010 from my humble home afterall. Thanks to ManU's game tonight =(

Tomorrow I'll be back to no-internet-land. So wont be updating much. I'm just glad that I have my phone to stay connected =)

Kakak's engagement is in another two weeks, I really can't wait. =) Somehow the first week in Melaka has passed by rather fast. This also means I would have to study, as there is no time to waste.

I'm thinking of joining the gym near mama's house. But I remembered that I am leaving for almost two months. Though the person in charge told me that my account could be freezed for that period of time, I still don't know :S hmmmm....

I'm supposed to go and visit Aida today. Maybe in a few hours. She's been good for these few days, so I think she'll be fine by the time I'll be gone. FyD would be around, anyway, right?

I really wanna watch a movie, but I honestly have no idea of what movie =S Aty wants to watch Rapunzel. I wouldn't mind watching it again, lets see what Kak Anje says =)

I'm happy, really =)

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