Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week of January

So I spent my first week in Melaka, which was totally awesome!!!! =)

Thanks, for sending me there though you were not in a good shape. Good thing you recovered the following day =) heeee

Well, I may say psychiatry posting is totally cool. I had so much fun in the clinic. There were not many patients in the ward, so yea.

I miss having my dolls and everyone else in Terendak with me. But I guess I'm having fun anyway. I would want them to be with me not, but I guess the next time all of us would be together will not be as students. Holiday perhaps?
Anyway, due to low connectivity...... I missed to wish this on time =P
May your days be blessed and all the happiness in the world be yours =)

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zamri said...

THANKS!!!! x