Sunday, January 9, 2011


... is golden.

It's the purest music of all, the loudest cry.

I have been through enough to say that sometimes silence is all that is needed to fight. And through that, you become stronger.

There are times when you argue non-stop with someone. Both of you getting the heat on, trying to blame each other, pointing fingers.

But till when will the war go on, the fight of who's wrong and who's right. And for that, I remain silent.

Being silent does not mean you lose, it means you're matured enough not to get your emotions overwhelm you, not to let your judgments be strayed. When you keep quiet, your head can take control, not your heart.

I had a small fight with a close friend, and I decided to just shut it off. It was purely a misunderstanding, some things said incomplete leading to misconception. Both of us kept quiet. And after a minute or so, we were engaged into another conversation which involves nothing from the former. It felt good, as I'm not the type who wants to drag a fight, not with someone I care about. And after that topic, the both of us were laughing and apologizing about the previous argument. It felt good =) Really.

Maybe I should do it more often. Let the person say whatever he or she wants, then keep quiet for awhile. People who know me would know I am of no capability to keep quiet at all. LoL. But I would rather change than lose friends who are close and dear to me just because of silly fights. I believe that people change, and I am of no exception.

Sometimes, silence speaks the loudest that even words cannot say.


ms. mac said...
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ms. mac said...

well said! =D *like*