Saturday, January 8, 2011

J2011 Lagenda

Last night, I went to watch a concert for the first time in my life. I'm used to watching musicals, but not a concert. It was a concert by one of the legend singers in Malaysia, Jamal Abdillah. I don't really know his songs, let me rephrase that, I might know a lot of his songs, but I don't know that he sang them. So yea.

I didn't know what to expect when I first stepped into the hall. I have always watched broadways there, and I expected it to be of similar setting and all.

The show started with a wonderful dance. When Jamal appeared on stage, the crowd went wild, literally. When he hit the first note, the crowd roared!!! His voice was superb!!!!!

There were some songs that I could sing along and memorized by heart since I was a little girl!!

I would say the whole show was worth it. It was superb I tell you, though I'm dissappointed he did not sing some of the songs that I know. LoL. I love it when he sang Jeritan Batinku with a solo saxophone by Dato' Ahmad Nawab. His voice can melt hearts I tell you.

I went out of the hall with a smile, though I still think the ending of the show was quite abrupt. Jamal claimed that he was not feeling well. Even so, he is still a wonderful entertainer. =) Love the show so so so much!

I forgot to bring my camera and my phone ran out of battery. Great right =(

Anyhow..... This reminds me, Lofa, Dewi Remaja 2010 will be in a remake of the movie Azura, as the lead role, Azura herself!!!! Good luck dear. =)

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