Saturday, January 15, 2011

Down Memory Lane

Its been almost four years since I left Sunway University College, after completing my A Levels. I was there for 18 months, 18 meaningful unforgettable months.

There were not many people in our class. Let me put out a list...

Me, Arif, Fido and Izzat were the only Malays in the class.
And the rest were Amanda, Betty, Ai Fang, Xin Lyn, Ron, Hanson, Ce Dong, Vincent, Seow, Jon, Jac, Norman and Xander. Did I miss anyone?

There were also some people who left early like Eunice. =(

Life in Sunway was different than my life right now. We had our study time, our play time. It was then when I learn how to value the true meaning of friendship.

So last night, five of us met up in Midvalley!~ It has been ages since the last time we saw each other, and I really miss those times.

I arrives in Mid at approximately 5.30, having Arif waiting for me at MPH. Arif is literally my guardian angel. I remember how he could immediately detect my facial expression if I'm sad, he would wait for me at the first shelter *I have an umbrella, so yea* and even till now I would still call him up if I'm sad, confused, happy, stress. Basically everything. But life has seem to got in the way now, and most of us are busy with studies, and some of us, work. So yea =(

Then we went for a cup of ice cream at Baskin Robbins where we met up with Amanda, Betty and Izzat. Amanda was among the first girl I got close to, and so was Betty. We shared a lot of stories together. =) I miss just having them to talk to in class, or skipping Malaysian Studies for a movie in Pyramid. Those were the days.

Izzat? This boy I knew since DAY 1 in Sunway. He's so.... So... So... Words can't describe. Hahaha. But I love him anyway. This little boy was the reason everyone smiled in a stressful class!!~

So, to those who wish to be with me, you have to get approval from the S3 class first =) That's how close we are. Haha

The gathering was simple, everyone shared stories, some are sad, some are fun and happy. We updated each other about everything that has happened for the past God-knows how many years and ended up laughing over the question - What should we get for Fido's wedding. I may say after his engagement to Bella I heard wedding bells, but I never expected it to be this soon. Haha. Anyway, I'm super happy for you, Fido. Take good care of my Bella =)

Anyway, the gathering ended with all of us waiting for Amanda's ride before we head off to our own directions. I literally had to held my tears back as it felt so nice seeing them again. So. Simple.

I can't wait for Fido's wedding. Hope more can make it, and it'll be a blast!!!

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