Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here We Go

Second trimester is finally here :) I couldn't tell if my tiredness is getting any better as for the past week I've been working non-stop from 7-10 daily. Even a non-pregnant person would be exhausted!!

But one thing that is making me happy for sure, I can eat without throwing up anymore, if i eat on time. Sometimes I get the burping when my tummy is too empty and I'm worried if what I eat would just be thrown down the drain. But for the past few weeks it has been good, though I only manage to have a complete decent meal only once a day.

Sometimes when I think about my baby, I'm glad to have him/her with me right now. I feel like there is always someone accompanying me and I believe that this baby will be the toughest, strongest and most reliable child ever, as he/she has been with me through the worst days of my life. And for that, I'm proud of him/her for hanging in there :)

I haven't get to feel my baby kick yet, but I know that it will come soon :)

One thing that I'm worried about is my weight. I can't seem to maintain a decent weight since the beginning of my pregnancy, and I hope this trimester that will change.

Am off today :) spending time with Farid, and shopping. Hehe.

So second trimester, please be nice like what most people tell me :) I know I can count on you!

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