Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exactly Like Me

So yesterday we had our next appointment to see my baby. It has been one month since my last appointment and I really-really miss to see that small heartbeat again!

The appointment was supposed to be on Monday, but due some meeting I had to postpone it to yesterday. So after I finished my night duty I immediately went to the hospital to be able to get the first few in the row!!!

At about 9.30 my name was called and Farid and I walked into the room with a heart full of joy! After a small chat regarding my wellbeings, she brought me to the scan table to see my baby.

Guess what? My baby was laying down crossed legged with one hand over the head! Just like I used to sleep (before I got married) and baby is growing just fine despite my weight coming downscale. The doctor even said that it is okay to be losing weight as long as baby is growing well, surprisingly it is!!! I can see the long femur bone, and also the well developed head, tummy and other gross structures. With my not-too-big-yet tummy, it is a wonder how this little one managed to grow inside me, Subhanallah!

For now we're not able to tell the gender yet as baby was sitting crossed-legged and the umbilical cord was actually in between. I hope we will get to know during the next appointment! Hehe.

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