Friday, March 22, 2013

My Toilet Story

Being pregnant is nothing without the frequency in urination. I've known that since medical school, so I thought, bring it on. Things become less fun when everyone around you keeps on feeding you with water.

I had some problem controlling the urge to run to the toilet initially then I managed to learn the "art" of doing it. Problem is, my lips are constantly chapped and it is freaking hot inside due to the heighten oestrogen levels!

I read a lot about pregnancy to understand the changes more, and it made me glad when I found out that the urge to go to the toilet will lessen once I'm in my second trimester. And at last second trimester came, the first part of it made me felt better than I ever was!

Then I start feeling 911, I need to run! Trust me it is not fun. One second you are completely fine, and the other you are running to find an empty loo. I told Farid about it and he said maybe the baby wants more space so baby kicks when te bladder enlarges. I don't find it funny tho -_______-"

There was once when we were trapped in traffic and suddenly I had to go, so we just went into the nearest shopping mall and ended up doing some shopping! That was partly funny and partly scary as well. I was so scared that I couldn't hold it in just in time, and funny because you should see a crazy woman running to the toilet in the mall! Haha.

Oh well. Now I keep myself near to the signs so that whenever I feel like it, I can just make a move :) And I do not travel during rush hour!

For now, if you can't find me, I'll be here...

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