Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm home people!!!

Hahaha. My flight just landed in Kota Bharu Airport a few hours ago and had a lovely dinner at home. Iftar was exactly during the announcement of boarding, so I had a quick sip of juice and managed to sleep during the whole flight. Waking up hungry, as usual. Heee.

It's festive season and everyone will be traveling no matter near or far. Some of us will travel by car, train, bus and airplanes. Everyone's elated to be back home with their loved ones. Children studying travel back to meet their long awaiting parents, those working all over the world coming back to celebrate Eid, a time full of happiness and joy for everyone. Every parent will be waiting for their child to come home, to hold them in their arms and embrace the moment of reunion.

However, it is also a season of accidents. Statistically, this is the time when most accidents happen. People are too tired after fasting a whole day, and being hypoglycemic does not help you to have enough energy for a long travel. I was traveling back to Cyberjaya from Melaka when I was three accidents along the highway. Can you imagine, THREE! In just one day, in a just one hour drive along the highway.

Sometimes accidents can be your fault, sometimes it is not your fault. You might be pressing on the right speed, keeping to your lane and everything, but some moron comes and hits you. It's inevitable, yet can you really blame that person? My dad always says that we should never be a driver who makes other drivers change speed or direction, as it can lead to accidents. Being alert and keeping to an acceptable speed is one thing that everyone should practice. Face it, everyone wants to get home, everyone has their family waiting for them at home. So why not we make it easier for everyone, including ourselves?

I know no one wants to be involved in accidents. It will end up consuming much time, money and energy. Sometimes, it even costs you lives.

So drive safely this festive season, no matter where you're heading to. And if you're tired, take a break. It's okay to arrive a few hours late than to never arrive at all. =)

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