Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lets Get Ready

After 30 days of fasting, Muslims all over the world will finally get to celebrate the big day, Eid!

For me, each year I'll be rotating between two hometowns, Melaka and Kelantan. And since last year we have already celebrated Eid in Melaka, this year we will be celebrating Eid in Kelantan, mummy's hometown!!

I arrived home last night and had a wonderful sahur with the whole family. This is the first time EVERYONE was home for sahur, and miraculously adik was easy to wake. Haha.

The whole day was busy with preparation for Eid.

Ma made a cake,

adik made a cake, *yes, the instant one* hahahhaa

I helped Ma making curry chicken for tomorrow's nasi dagang,

mummy made kuzi chicken for tomorrow's roti jala and Aunty Amy did all the rest =)

This is the first time I actually enjoyed the preparation for raya here. Maybe for those who know me would understand why. Heeeeeeee...

Oh well, we had iftar together, and watched My Name is Khan on Astro Box Office before filling our tummy with a lot, yes I mean it, A LOT of food!!! Hehehe..

And then we went to the garden for some camwhoring. =)

And after everything has settled down, we settled in front of the TV....
Me? I had a short nap! Hahahah

I can't wait for Eid tomorrow!! =)

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ms. mac said...

have a great raye k! slmt hari raye..maaf zahir and batin..