Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thinking About You and A Lot of Other Stuffs

Have you ever thought of someone so badly that the next second you could just break down and cry your heart out?

Have you regretting not telling how you feel and let someone go?

Have you ever missed someone so badly that it hurts deep inside?

I have.

I miss you.

So yeah, I've finished my rotation in Terendak, and I'm starting Serdang Hospital first thing tomorrow morning. I just received a text saying I have to prepare a case for tomorrow's presentation. Should sleep early tonight I suppose.

My weekend has been busy. And right now I guess I'll be down with a fever in no time. Especially after that rain shower after Prof Ikram's open house. =P

My days in Terendak was superb! Yea, we did have only two days of classes with a holiday in between, but the one day of holiday was A.W.E.S.O.M.E

It started with a Raya Feast with Prof. Khai and his family and camwhoring at the beach, then I went for karaoke at Mahkota Parade with Rafiza, Hanis, Ishani and Chia =) After the two-hour-karaoke, we went to play in the arcade. Rafiza really enjoyed the arcade as it was her first time. Me? I was bliss! Hahaha.

We came back at 1.30 and went fishing at the beach nearby. We got 5 fishes and went to bed at about 4. It was wayyyyyyy past my bedtime, so I only managed to doze of after 5. Well, that was the last time I glanced at my watch for that night, oh, morning, anyway. Haha.

Then on Thursday we went to a few houses.

Niza's house was first! We had lontong with an extremely delicious chicken rendang! Niza told me that his Mak Long was the one who prepared the rendang, and he was very much inspired to learn how to cook by her =) Good for you, Niza!

Then we went to Hanis's house and had nasi lemak. It was really great! Heeeeeeee... The sambal was superb! Haha. Hanis, you're gonna cook for us next! =P And the coconut shake near Kelebang Beach was fantastic!

Then we went to my nenek's. Heeeeeee. No was was actually home, but mak cooked laksa nyonya as there was a bunch of people at home before we arrived. So we stuffed our already full tummies with that after resting for awhile. All of us crashed in the library before making a move. Oh, that reminds me, the three little kids back home wants balloons. *Random*

We went to Mahkota Parade, Rafiza and Azizah got themselves handbags, and I shopped too. Haha. So much for never shopping again this month ey?

We wanted to have a look at Jonker Street, but it was closed. Public Holidays, I suppose. So our last stop was a Baba and Nyonya restaurant where we had a variety of dishes and again, stuffed our tummy! Hahahaha.

We went home exhausted yet happy =)

I'm looking forward for karaoke sessions and tummy stuffing again. And I think I should resume my gym routine. I want my kettlebell!!!!! =( Heeee.. Oh, Syazz, we need to plan our next karaoke session! Huuu...

I met up with Fido, oh, DR. Fido, yesterday. Haha. It's been awhile and he's flying off to Dublin tomorrow. And yes, Fido, you do look thin! Please eat, and if you think is necessary you could consider what Syazz recommended. Haha.

Sorry, no pictures available. The connection is a bit drunk, so yea.

Anyway, mama's back =) So this weekend I'll be staying over at her place! Can't wait!

In dilemma - Iphone 4 or Blackberry Torch? Urgh!~

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