Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya Mode

This week we'll be having only TWO days of classes, next week the same. I'm seriously not in the mood for any studying, been watching Vampire Sucks with my dear roommate last night, and had an hour of class from 2-3 pm today really puts me into the raya mode!~ Heeeeeee....

My weekend has been pretty packed. I went back to my grandma's and spent the whole day being bullied my the three little kids back at home. I bought them a packet of jelly, a HUGE packet of jelly which they finished eating in 4 hours!~ Beware kids, your teeth might get rotten and grandpa teh might have to take them all out for you!!!!!!

I had an awesome shopping experience on Saturday with my family. It has been four years since my parents were actually here during Ramadhan, so this year is really special for us. I don't usually get to spend this holy month with them as they would come back a day or two earlier for Eid and be gone by the third day or so. So to those having their parents near, appreciate them while they are there. One day we might be elsewhere, working and all, and might not be able to spend time with them as much. I know how it feels, and trust me it hurts. But at least now you still have someone to go back too.

Tomorrow our class will be at 10.30am, and by 12 I'll be on the road back to Cyberjaya =) I really can't wait to go home on Wednesday!!!

This year I'll be spending my Eid in Kelantan as I have spent last year's in Melaka. Mama is already in London, spending Eid with Abg Nain and Abg Amin's family. Me so jealous!~ But so far Mak Lang has confirmed my application to London's hospital, so I'll be getting my ticket soon =)

I don't think I'll be doing any studying tonight. Can't wait to see my dear Era and Syazz tomorrow. I miss my dolls so much! Oh, Syazz, we will have to do our thing! Heeeeeeeee. And it is compulsory for Era to join us too!!!!!! Hahahhahahahah

Maybe, if I sleep, tomorrow will come early. I'm not in charge of the presentation either. So never mind.

Oh, I need to go out for supper first! I promised Chia. Hahahahhaha... =)

I think I'll be updating once I get back to Kelantan. The internet here is literally drunk, and the broadband connection isn't really helping. Oh well.

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