Friday, September 24, 2010

And Above All.... Love

What keeps you hanging on when the whole world turns their backs against you? When you feel like there's no one left for you, no one there to trust you, no one to be by your side? Everyone will have this one moment in life when they reflect back on their actions, and the things they've done. And in the end, what decides if they will regret or look back into yesterday with pride? And who will you be left is in the end?

I'm still a baby in life, though I've lived passed 20 years on Earth. But I'm still trying to balance myself, not to trip over, not to fall.

I have learn that you can't always get what you want, so better go for what you need. Sometimes, what you want might not be the best for you, yet you spend so much time whining on something that is not even worth thinking of.

A friend of mine lost someone dear to her recently. No, it's not that heartbroken stories where you finally manage to mend your broken heart and curse the other party. It's gone, forever. When she was at the top of her life, when her heart was filled with all the love in the world, he left. Forever. He had not just left her, but the world as well.

I know she tries to act strong, try to be strong. Her heart can only bear so much, it gets brittle and falls apart. She's trying so hart to recollect herself, and trying not to break down.

There's never 'too long' for you to be crying over something. Tears might not bring him back, this time, love can't find a way. But it that is what makes you better, makes you feel okay, then just cry your heart out. It's okay.

I know I am of no position to tell her that things are gonna be fine. I am of no position to tell her to let go. All I can be is a listener, a shoulder to cry on. I want her to know that she'll always have us, her friends, and me =) Hang in there sayang. You'll make it through.

Above everything, there's always love. Between us, friends, to support her. And I pray one day she'll be able to smile once more, with the same gleaming and shining eyes.

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