Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ombak Rindu

Just mention this title to anyone from my secondary school and everyone will know what it is about. I remember reading this novel after my PMR exams at school, when everyone was changing story books and games. It has been.. what? 8 years? since I finished my PMR. Or maybe slightly less. I'm bad in time, you know :P

Great stories make great movies. I agree. But sometimes the movie itself, the actors in it, the script and everything needs to go hand in hand in order to make a great movie.

When I found out that Maya Karin was going to be Izzah, and Aaron Aziz is Hariz, I was almost certain that this will be a movie filled with tears. I love Maya Karin's acting, and also Aaron Aziz (since I watched him act in Nora Elena).

So last Saturday, I went to Alamanda to get some stuff and bought movie tickets for Ombak Rindu in advanced. You'd be surprised how fast this movie is selling out tickets!!! Thank God for E-buying, I managed to get good seats :)

Ombak Rindu is about Izzah, a girl from a village who was sold to some club night by her uncle who hates her and was bought by Hariz. She insisted to be his wife and he agreed, then they fell in love. This movie is complicated with the presence of Mila (Lisa Surihani), Hariz's childhood sweetheart who has had a crush on him since forever and that they were supposed to get married!

I think that sums it all for the synopsis :)

Maya did a GREAT job being Izzah. By the end of the movie, there is no single dry eye. And Hariz's character was developed well. I just can't get over Maya's expression throughout the movie, she was really feeling it, and what she felt, we, the audience felt too.

This is a two hour movie that makes you appreciate people that you love and care, and show you how bad life can be. Yes, it is fictional, and the characters are not real, but it does somehow gives an impact to you. This movie also shows that someone can change, from a playboy who simply sleeps with any girl to a loyal lover and a responsible husband.

From what I gather from the media, Maya was shooting this film when she was facing difficulties in her marriage. She claimed that it was easy to sink into Izzah's emotions, and that she realized that there are more unfortunate people, and that by being Izzah, she learns how to be strong for herself. Everyone longs for that happy ending, but not everyone finds them. You could still be together without love, so separated, divorced, or you could just be longing to be loved by someone who you can never have. There's a million types of love stories in this world. And a million more filled with tears.

So yes, I highly recommend EVERYONE to watch this movie!!! :) I want to watch it again, but I can't since I'm having exams, exactly one month from now.

And yes, another awesome movie to watch is Puss in Boots :) Watched it on Thursday and you'll definitely get muscle cramps for laughing too much :P

This is the soundtrack from Ombak Rindu. I've heard it before I watched the movie but after watching it, I can't get enough of replays!!!!

and also this song by Hafiz. So sweet!

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