Wednesday, December 28, 2011

With Time

... You learn to grow up, or time doesn't wait for you. To mature and be responsible for mistakes you've made and words you've said. And you learn that nothing can't be fixed.

With time you learn to forgive those who you thought were unforgivable, those who have have hurt you deeply, torn your heart into peaces and just move on as the hatred does not matter anymore.

With time you learn that some things are not worth it and that it is to let go, that it will only hold you back in life, while others are sketching their path towards success. You learn that letting go will free you from a million sufferings, and grant you a million blessings.

With time you learn that while others mature and be more responsible, some just stay the same, unchanged. And these are the people who will hold you back in life. Those who are scared to explore the wonders of the world, to be so comfortable in their tiny zone, which will one day need to be expanded.

With time you learn to forgive without an apology and to love unconditionally. You try to sleep each night forgiving every single person who did you wrong and try to love them instead. And you try to see the differences in other people, the variability and the pressure.

With time, anything can happen, and dreams can come true.

With time.

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