Monday, December 26, 2011

Of Stress

So, professional exam is just around the corner, well perhaps closer than that and the stress is building inside. Not just that this paper can ask you anything from year one, but it also determines if you proceed to the final semester or not.

Trying not to be all teary like I always do during exams, I find my own comfort in my friends and family, and not to forget lecturers as well!!!

Last week was our first week of study leave and we had a whole week of revision classes which started from 8am to 8pm! Exhausting? Definitely!!!!

So on Friday we decided to take the night off and went for a stress relief session at Tony Roma's. Lol. That was so much fun! Followed by Ali and Aina's wedding on Saturday and facetimes + skypes with my family, I'm all motivated and inspired to study. Hope this lasts! Wish me luck!!!!!

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