Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Time Is Never Enough

So on Friday I went to watch this movie by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, In Time.

I had no idea what the movie was about actually. I saw the poster one day in Alamanda and thought, "I'm gonna watch this" With JT and Amanda, I don't care how the movie is :P

So I bought the 1015pm ticket online after our evening class with Dr. Rafizi.

In Time is about a time way in the distant future where everything is not about money anymore, everything is about time. This movie portrays how some people live their day to day lives trying to earn to be able to see tomorrow, while some of them don't even have to glance at their 'bodywatch'

In the future, humans will be genetically engineered to stop ageing at the age of 25, then your clock starts ticking. You will have exactly one year (if you don't spend it at all) to live. Everything you buy, you have to pay with time. If now we have the 99cent shop, there they have the 99seconds shop!

Then there's action, and romance, and tears.

Its a new movie in the cinemas so I wouldn't want to spoil it so much here :P

But in this movie, it shows you the reality of life. Where people will kill just to live longer. In the end, will it bring any difference if you could live for another million years when all you do is bring pain to others?

Quoting, 'Is it stealing when it is already stolen?'

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie :) JT is H.O.T. Hahahah. And I think Amanda looks, different. Not really the innocent look she portrayed in Mamma Mia or Letters to Juliet. But I enjoyed this new character of her.

Watch it!!!

oh, I'm done with my first novel. Will tell you about it soon :)

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