Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Romance & Novels

I have always enjoyed reading. When I was a little girl, my mummy would tuck me in bed, me on one side and kakak on the other, and she would read us stories. My favourite one was BabaYaga. It was about a witch who married a guy with a daughter and something happened. LoL. Honestly I think I was never awake long enough to listen to the whole story. As I grew older, I often read before going to bed, though sometimes I would end up not sleeping at all.

During high school, especially after PMR, I read A LOT of books. From Malay novels like Ombak Rindu, to Pride and Prejudice, to A Walk To Remember.

When I enrolled into medical school, the only novel I remember reading was A Child Called It and the books related to it. Then we got busy :( And books are not cheap anyway, so need to choose really carefully before purchasing one.

A few weeks ago (I should've blogged about this earlier, I know) there was a book fair in UPM - The Big Bad Wolf Booksale, and it was AWESOME! Books are as cheap as RM8 for novels regardless hardcover or paperback, and those books like WAR and WORK ranges from RM20-RM60. The most expensive book in the booksale was The World Atlas - RM60!!

And yes, as expected I went crazy in the hall. I bought 12 novels for myself, sticker and playbooks for Sara and Mika :)

I think I've grown out of the phase where I would want to read romance novels all the time, though I did bought Meg Cabot's Size Doesn't Matter. My choice of books this time is more matured, and more towards life and things like that. Somehow I don't opt for love stories anymore, and I don't know why. Maybe living in reality is better than reading those mushy stories and comparing them with your own life. Life is not a novel, and without you realizing it your life is actually better than that! :)

So I started to read my first novel. Will give you a review about it once I'm done. It has been almost 2 weeks and I'm not even done with the first book yet as I'm trying to discipline myself to not spend too much time on reading non-educational stuff. Oh well :P

I think Malaysians do read. I saw a huge crowd in the hall, and all of them carrying not less than 5 books. I think the fact that books are expensive in Malaysia is among the factors our people don't read, or can't read as much. Most books sold for RM8 are usually at least RM34 in stores here!!!

I think they should do this kind of booksale more often :) and it would make my whole year!!!

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