Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But When I Cry

I cry alone.

Maybe that's the best, for everyone.

I've tried being strong for every single person I care and love.

And sometimes I just feel like it is my time to break down.

Stop trying to understand me.
Stop trying to feel sorry.
Stop trying to prove that things will turn out to be fine

I can heal my own heart with time
And I'll stand up again

Though it may be a bit scattered
But I know I'll make it somehow

So stay, if you want to stay
And leave if you think it is the best for you
Don't think about me

I'll have my smile back on
And sing my favourite song
So none of you would ever know
The cuts and bruises I have


kertasgraf said...

ni lagu?
or words straight from your heart?

NaNa XD said...

Actually some random words that came across my mind

tqx for stopping by :)