Saturday, September 17, 2011

Through Thick and Thin

Today I went back to Melaka for a family day. It was held at one of my aunt's lawn, where everyone was gathered. But I didn't really knew everyone, as it is a gathering of our big family, my late great-great-grandfather's side, arwah Dol bin Endin. He had 5 children, and many grandchildren. This is the first time we gathered, it was exciting to see people you thought were only neighbors and knowing that they are related to you.

I am the descendant of my late grandfather, arwah Haji Samsudin bin Said bin Dol. He married my grandmother, Hajah Che Mah binti Daud and was blessed with six children, three boys and three girls :) That means I'm the third generation of the gathering. Hehe.

What I'm really proud of my family (the Samsudin's) is our closeness. Up to today, there are 66 of us, including in-laws and new kids. Yet we are still close. News travels like CNN and whenever there is any problem, we will try to solve it together.

I miss my big family. The last time we had our own gathering was back when I was 11. Even this time not many of us are able to join due to other duties. But deep inside I know and believe that we are somehow close. There is no news that is kept a secret, which is good in a way, and also not so good as these people will hold your past against you - say you have done something embarrassing in the past, they will mention it during gatherings, raya or any occasion that may remind them of it - FOREVER! Haha. See how close we are?

I am also grateful that my family is doing well. What we've always believe in is that it is not easy to keep up the good name, and that we shall work hard to make sure that our family name is not tarnished. If we were to trace back our family's descendants, it starts from the first Kapitan of Melaka, but that is such a long story. the gathering today is to bring back the big family together, for us to be able to recognize our own flesh and blood, and help them whenever in need.

I can proudly say that I love my whole family, and that I believe, no matter happen, he have each other's back :) Yes my cousins and I fight like cats and dogs when we were younger, but today we are closer than siblings! I miss those days when I will run to nenek crying and be given 50cents to buy chocolate :p I was really pampered then! Hehe..

My dream is to have a place to gather our lovely family, all 66 of us and spend a day or two, just having fun. Now my family is scattered all over the world, and I know it will be difficult, but I'm praying that one day my dream will come true.

Ps: sorry no pictures. All of them are with angah :p will post them once I get them from him. Hehe

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