Saturday, September 24, 2011

Name Calling

I know some people regard it as just joking and fooling around, though I know there is always a percentage of truth behind every "I'm just kidding".

To me, you don't easily put names on people, unless you have something crystal clear againts that person. I know some people just hates another simply their friends hate that person too. But in the end, would it satisfy you to hate that person? Talking behind their backs over and over again with something that you've been telling people for ages?

Oh well, I just think teasing has its limits. But to call another person with harsh words, or to address people badly, that is wrong.

Even if you think or know or feel so mad, angry, or upset with a certain someone, you have no right to call that person with vulgar words.

In the end, it only reflects who YOU are, not that person.

Oh well =) I know that some people might just feel that they are better than others, in the eyes of God, we are all the same. What differentiates us is our heart and our obidient towards our creator.

What is important is who we are in God's eyes. I know that we seek forgiveness from Him for all our wrongdoings. But we also must see forgiveness from those who we've hurt, intentionally, or not.

And to anyone who wants to say anything about me, I would really appreciate it if you could just say it to my face. At least get your facts straight before spreading a single word. Oh, I'm the one who is ALWAYS the one spreading things right? Then again, are you sure? Cause the last time I checked, I found out about the same thing just as you did, too. And words are so easily misinterpreted. So get you FACTS and SOURCES right, yea? Your source is THAT reliable, izzit?? -.- I know mine isn't =) At least I know MY side of the story... And if you wanna know about it, ask ME.

But then again,

As long as I know myself, who cares bout the whole world?

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