Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Waiting

For Gossip Girl season 5, and a chance to gossip about it with Xander again :)

I'm like super excited. It is nice to have something to look forward too.


Oh, it starts on the 26th of September mates. So get your internet working and your hardisk empty for new downloads :)

You know you love me xoxo

A few to do things before I'm done with this posting which will start tonight, after my on calls if I have the energy. Loosing appetite these days. -.- so not fun. But I can't eat anything, okay not THAT severe but I've turned into someone extremely picky. Thankfully those that I want are not super expensive :p

Mummy, can I book my ticket now, please?

I wanna skype with Sara again! Can't wait for next weekend. Sometimes she even chats with me through whatsapp. Kids these days -.- An also little Mika.

And professional exams are in.. 4months?

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