Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st January 2009

zomg!~ I think like I'm taking ages to actually finish up this post!!! crazyness.... haih... well, my 1st day of 2009 is a mixture of fun + stress.. I went to Izzat and Izzaty's birthday party which made me deviate from my studies for the finals for like half a day, and ending up feeling guilty about it for the rest of the day... anyway, I did not regret going to Rawang (my first time driving far far away - ALONE) as it was indeed an extremely fun party...

Izzat, Happy birtday!~
Izzaty, Happy Birthday to be
(her birthday is on the 8th of January)

These are among the bits and pieces taken on that day. Anyway, immediately after I came back I had to study for my Behavioural Science Final Assessment. *sigh* What a way to start a ney year, aite?

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TheZealousZamriHussin said...

thanks upload video tu yeee. terubat rindu duka lara di jiwa *hihi over plak