Monday, January 26, 2009


Sometimes you feel all alone even when you are standing right in the centre of a noisy crowd, not being able to relate yourself with their jokes, not being able to at least pretend to laugh. This is a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of loss and lonely. You feel that no one could ever cover up the large hole made in your heart, that you will hurt forever, that it is too hard to bounce back and you have forgotten who you used to be. It will feel like you are stuck and could not move, numb by each second that passes you by and hurt, simple hurt by each breath you take.

Your heart will never listen to you. even how hard you try to mend it on your own, even how much you try to convince it that time will heal and you will be okay in the end, it will never work. Some people may leave an impression on others, and some just pass others life feeling they meant nothing and is not valued.

But everyday we meet different people. How much a person affects us depends on how much influence he or she has on you. The world might think that they're nobody, but they are the world to you. They leave prints in your heart with every action and spoken word, and it is difficult to accept a feeling of lost when they no longer exist in our lives.

This is when we will feel worthless, neglected and unwanted. Feelings that will lead us to think that we are not worth it, and that we have to be punished.

It is true life will never be the same without these people that influence a lot in us, but who says that difference is something bad? When one door closes, others open to give you new opportunities and hope, just don't stare too long at the closed door till you missed the opened one.

It hurts. It really does. But life will still proceed. The show must go on...

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