Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silver lining in the gray clouds...

Just a few months back I was chatting with my best friend online and she told me the most shocking news ever, that she is coming back (I've already known this) to Malaysia in December and that she is going to have a surgery (major shock!!) in January!! The doctors in Melbourne diagnosed her with glaucoma which is actually something to do with the optic nerve being compressed and all.

I feel you Iqah *sob*sob*

So, she was admitted into PPUM for the operation on the 5th of January and was operated the following day. I was too busy that week that I couldn't find time to go and visit her. Unlucky for her, the doctors found out that something was leaking (I know I'm a medical student, but I really dunno what the heck went wrong.. maybe the sutures...) and she had to be operated again on Thursday.

So that weekend, Eri, Adib, Pina, Zack and I went to visit her in PPUM. Eri, Adib and Pina had already stayed over at my place the previous night since they went to SSP on Friday to pick up some certificates.

It was a bit difficult to find her ward where she was admitted as the building was being renovated and we were not really familiar of it. Thanks to the no-help-at-all-elevator guy which was really cinical and also an abang who was too-friendly, at last we fount ward 7 E T. When we arrived, she was there waiting. She told us that she was really bored and cold *the aircond was crazy!*. She also said that she hopes to be able to be released soon as she feels even worst being in the hospital.

I hope she gets well soon. I really want to hangout and share gossips with her. She is going back to Melboune in the end of February. I hope to get a few outings with her by then. She really needs to get updated and get on par with Eri in the gossip business. LOL =P

Just get well soon Iqah.. I miss you!!

me and my Iqah