Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love found and lost...

The greatest thing you'll ever lean is to love and be loved in return..
- Moulin Rouge (2001)

Love is not just a four letter word being said to draw attention to you, to have someone to care for you or worst to act as if you're really wanted in another person's life. It is just a short, little and simple word yet may bring a thousand meanings once it is said.

Everyone dreams that the love that they feel for another, or the relationship that they share is true. I do not believe anyone would want to hurt someone so bad till they would want to break another person's heart. It is difficult to sometimes believe that someone you know as a very kind and soft person could turn mean when dealing with love.

Since I was a little girl, I have always dream of a fairytale love story of my own, how my prince would one day come and save me from a fierce firing dragon and led me onto his white stallion and at last bring me to his castle where he will say his vows of love to me and we would live happily ever after. Yes, I know... Major lameness. But hey, I was a young girl once and I had dreams before. Now I realize such fairytales do not exist. It's just the harsh cold world out there, waiting for the next victim to be swallowed into it.

I've seen people with broken hearts, I've seen people with broken limbs because of their broken hearts. I might have broken some hearts before, and it might have hurt just as badly, or worst. That's life. My sister told me that her friend once said that if your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you, just see it as he or she is doing a big favour to you. It may be a very harsh way to say that he or she is not good enough for you, so NEVER take it the other way round. Sometimes you just meet the wrong people in life and eventually you'll meet the right one. Only lucky ones will immediately meet the right one and know it on the dot. Others may have found the right one but is still yet to discover that the person in front of them is the right one. Confused? Well, it's always like that. Life it not as simple as it may seem.

To love someone is not wrong, even when it is for the wrong person as by time, you will learn to be stronger and give out your love wiser. I've always wondered how would I know if a person is meant to be with me - forever? The answer is I will never find out till i have breathe my last breath on this earth, then I would know.

So to those people who are heartbroken, or heartbrakers for that matter, just know that one day true love will be right in front of you, and just pray that time you will not be too blind to see it.

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