Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worries Of A Mom

Being a mother has changed me in many ways. For one thing, waking up in the middle of the night due to a slight sound is not impossible anymore, changing diapers over and over again, being wee wee-ed on and poo-ed on only brings laughter and joy to you and many more.

So a few nights back Aleesya started to have stuffy nose. She was unable to have continuous feed due to her blocked nose and was really frustrated. All this while she has been a good baby, but for the first time she demanded me to hold her even when she sleeps.

So yesterday I brought her to the doctor. She usual doctor was on leave so we had to see a different doctor. The doctor confirmed that it was only blocked nose and gave us nasal spray to help her clear it.

When Aleesya was given the spray she cried so loud, louder than I've ever heard her cry before! I was heartbroken, but this was for her own good. I hugged her tightly and she stopped crying immediately. Sigh. My eyes were filling up as well.

Aleesya's reaction after was priceless! I hope my little princess gets well soon. It is different to see your own child getting treatment, and when you are giving treatment yourself.

Please mama, don't let them put water in my nose anymore...

I'm praying hard, please mama, please...

She really is a little angel :)

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Anonymous said...

get well soon Aleesya darling.

-aunty syazana-