Monday, August 26, 2013


I've got nothing much to update about Eid since I've been spending it at home. I thought I would still be pregnant and huge during Eid but apparently my daughter and God has different plans for me.

So two days before Eid I was here....

Yup, in the labour room pushing out my beautiful daughter. I cannot express my feelings and up to this very day, everything seems surreal, still, even to me. Sometimes I'll just stare at her, admiring how beautiful she is, and thinking, "Wow, I'm a mom"

So yea, in our Malay culture, we have to undergo at least 40 days of confinement. Some people even go up to 100 days confinement. Confinement means eating selectively, having massages and bathing with some herbal water everyday to get your old shape back and to refreshen yourself inside and out.

I did not have my massage for 40 days, I'll die of boredom. I had it for 10 days, with herbal bath for 40 days and no outing for 40 days. I'm still strict on no cold water as I'm okay with it, but it almost kill me that I can't go out till I finish my confinement! And yes, no going up the stairs. At my in laws, my room is on the second floor, so Farid had to take all the stuff I needed downstairs. And so far, I haven't broken that rule as well. I stayed at my in laws for only a few days during this confinement period.

So the rest of my confinement is in my apartment with my mom and husband (who is working) and baby Aleesya :) My confinement lady is the best! She advised me to not take 'cold' and 'itchy' food, the rest is permissible. But mummy is still being awfully cautious and only cooks fish and chicken for me. 

For me, I have another 19 days till I officially graduate my confinement school. Farid kesian me so much he upgraded our astro and internet service. Hehe. Now I'm having everything that I need :)

Oh, I also have friends who come by and make my day bearable. It really is not easy, this pantang thing as I'm so used to being out most of the time. Post-confinement I have another thing to achieve - bottle feed Aleesya. I've been expressing milk and storing them for the future when I start to work, though the thought of working breaks my heart. Sigh. Such a clingy mom I am.

I am grateful that Aleesya is a good baby. She rarely cries if not for milk,and she can just lay around entertaining herself when she's awake. I'm praying that Aleesya will be a good baby and a good girl :) 

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