Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Grumpy Grizzly Bear

FIL and BIL has been really active cycling lately. You know, the big mountain bikes you see people riding in KL. For me, I'm not a big fan of 'dangerous' activities like that as I'm too scared something might happen or I lose control of the bike or something.

So last Saturday Farid decided to join the club and the boys cycling. I has this feeling in my gut which wanted him to just stay at home and watch a movie with me, but I didn't want to get in the way of him spending 'boyish' times with FIL and BILs. So heavy heartedly I said okay and off he went excitedly to ride his bike.

Somehow I couldn't sleep the whole night as I waited for them to come back while watching E! Then the house phone rang. It was almost 1.30am and I just knew something was not right. FIL called and asked for MIL, and after a short conversation MIL went looking for SIL who was sleeping. Then both of them went off, telling me that Farid was tired and needed a lift home.

If there is something I know about Farid is that his ego is too big for his own good, especially when it comes to sports or physical training. He will NEVER admit that he is tired, and will always try to prove that he is fit. I immediately concluded that they did not want me to worry so I pulled a straight face and acted cool.

I wasn't able to sleep and had mini contractions all night as I was so worried of Farid. At about 4am he finally came home with BIL. Turns out one of his cycling group fell and as he was trying to avoid him, he skidded and was dragged on the road. He fractured his metacarpal bone which means he'll need at least 6 weeks to fully heal.

When he woke me up (I was sleeping on the couch) as he arrived, I hardly show any emotions. I was just, okay, lets have sahur. Can you eat, or do you need a spoon?

The following morning as I woke up, I stared at his face and wondered what would have happened if he was not wearing a proper helmet, or if something worst had happened. What will happen to me, or to Baby? Will Baby ever get to know papa? I was overwhelmed with emotions I started sobbing. I even find it weird not to wake up in his arms as they are casted :( It made me cry even more!

Alhamdulillah he is okay. But now down with flu and tonsillitis I brought back from the hospital. Sorry sayang. Its not easy recovering even from viral flu as he is fasting. He said he'll take the mc till after Eid, or if I deliver, after that, despite having one month mc. For me it doesn't really matter because soon enough I'll be having 3 months of leave :) Now he's wearing something that is smaller and not so scary anymore. Phew!

I really hope he gets well soon. I need him the most right now, and I feel like I'm troubling him as he's also unwell :(. In the mean time I'll be his attending nurse :) hehe

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