Sunday, May 1, 2011


When is the time that you are allowed to look back on everything you've done in life and regret? Is it ever too young, or too late for it? Then what should you do? Does your life end there and then? How are you supposed to move on knowing that there are some things you can't fix for like.. forever?

Everyone searches for that happy ending, that promise of true eternity that will never leave you in despair, and that part where you are able to hold on to forever.

How many of us actually get their ending? And how many of us still wonders around?

People change all the time, and to those who are constant and determined with what they want in life, things tend to work out just fine. But not everyone gets what they want. Sometimes plans don't really go accordingly, sometimes time gets in the way.

I can't move on.
I can't turn back.
I don't want replay.
I'm stuck.

Can I press the restart button and start over?
All over again.

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