Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A word yet very meaningful to me. Some people hate to say it, as it hurts so deeply inside you can barely feel yourself, some people love it to get away from unwanted events or things, some people just say it for the sake of it... Saying goodbye has never been an easy thing to me, no matter to who I say it to, unless it's just for leaving to go to some kedai runcit, ok, that doesn't really count, does it?

I've been saying goodbye to the people I love and I care all the time.. I've also experiencing saying goodbye forever, knowing that I would never see that face, hear that voice again, as it has left not only me, but the whole world behind, to a better place I'm sure, though sometimes I do feel like I miss that presence. Sometimes I like goodbyes, as it indicates another meeting, something to look forward to...

Well, this is not about only goodbyes. I just sent my grandparent to perform their Hajj in KLIA. It should be a sad occasion, but since I know in no time they'll be back, it did not really hurt as much. Well you see, I've been away from my family more than half of my life, so the fact that I get to see them at the airport before they leave to Mekah is already a blessing for me. I wish that they would have a safe journey and come back healthyly. Thank goodness there's ayah su and mak long with them, so I guess me and my sister wouldn't have to worry so much.

Anyway, ma, ayah, we're gonna miss you... Come back safe and sound... Love you!~

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