Monday, April 21, 2014


Aleesya is so grown up now, sometimes I wonder where all the time has been? She's now 8months++ and is really active that sometimes I would just like to hug her and make her be still, but no avail. She'll wiggle her way out to reach for a toy or anything that is in her interest.

Lately she's been exploring the art of walking, and trust me, it is not doing any good to my back. She demands to walk - everywhere! Literally!! And if we carry her she'll just cry. 

But the good thing is, she is really easy to distract so we'll come out with noises and voices to make her be still.

Sayang, why are you growing up so fast? I still want my little baby...

It melts my heart each time she jumps to reach for me when I come back from work, and how clingy she is when I am around. I feel bad for not always being there for her, but I hope she'll understand.

I love you sayang, to the moon and back!

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